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I’ve created this blog to show you trends, tutorials, and product reviews. Also occasionally I’ll go to an event, or just tell you about my day. I’m 13, and I live in Minnesota. My interests are the Rainbow Loom, fashion, photography, and dancing. I’m also a Geek and dedicated Fangirl. I have a pet Roborovski Hamster named Marshmallow, she likes to run on her wheel, eat Millet seed, and sleep. I love reading books, eating pasta, shopping, and playing video games. I’m a Dancer, I mostly do Jazz and Modern, but I’m kinda getting into Lyrical.  I have school and other activities, so I can’t blog all day. So if you don’t see anything from me for a while, don’t think something happened. I’m just busy. I sure hope you enjoy my website, Thanks for reading!