American Girl Haul August 2015

//American Girl Haul August 2015

So last weekend Maryellen, American Girl’s new Beforever Character, was released! Along with many new items for TrulyMe, Bitty Baby, AS WELL AS THE RELEASE OF A WHOLE NEW CHARACTER! AG’s design team must of had a busy summer! I had already known of Maryellen and her release date before she actually came out, due to the American Girl Facebook page, and websites with leaked pictures and prices.  So of course I had been saving up by selling two of my other dolls that I never really used much, and some outfits and acccesories. When we learned that the new release date was the day my small family and I were leaving on our Vacation to the Big Citites of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, OBVIOUSLY we had to make a pit stop at the AG store in the Mall of America! Once we were there we spent several hours wandering around the store, meanwhile one of my other family members went to see the Minnesota Vikings in the Rotunda, and stopped by the Tollhouse shop and got a brownie. ( He said it wasn’t very good ) And now finally after all my rambling, I will tell you what we got at the American Girl Store Minneapolis!

1. Maryellen Doll and Book

2. Maryellen’s Poodle Skirt Outfit

3. Maryellen’s Crinoline

4. Maryellen’s Ice Skating Outfit

5. Maryellen’s Ice Skating Accesories

6. Maryellen’s Hairstyling Set

7. Maryellen’s Pajamas

8. Coconut Puppy

9. Spiky Collar and Leash

10. Cuddles and Cures Pet Set

11. Warm Winter Outfit for Dolls

12. Playful Polar Bear Pajamas for Dolls

13. Jewel Highlights Set

14. Peachy Glasses

15. Cool Coral Outfit for Dolls

16. Rainy Day Coat

That’s all for now guys 🙂 I can’t wait to share all my latest AG pictures with you! But right now I’m just trying to enjoy my last week of freedom before school starts 😛 If the weather cooperates I’ll probably take my dolls outside for a photoshoot tomorrow, because there’s not really a good place in my house. Have a good day guys, and as always, THANKS FOR READING!

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