Sending Saige to the American Girl Doll Hospital

//Sending Saige to the American Girl Doll Hospital

So, yesterday I sent my GOTY 2013 Saige, to the American Girl Doll Hospital. IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE PACKING HER UP, SKIP DOWN TO THE INFORMATIONAL PART. I packed her up in a large, sturdy, shipping box. Then I added a layer of bubble-wrap on the bottom, and placed Saige in the middle. Saige was previously wrapped in 2 layers of bubble-wrap, then rolled up a sheet of bubble wrap and put it on either end of the box. Any loose spots were filled with even more bubble wrap. I placed a layer over top of her and then I placed her hospital admission form on top, followed by one more layer. Now I realize that it would be considered wasteful, if it weren’t for the fact that it was all previously used bubble wrap, that was about to be thrown out. 🙂 I always try to have the least waste as possible. So currently Saige is sitting on a trucksomewhere in Wisconsin right now, waiting to be delivered. ( Thankyou FedEx tracking ) But anywhy, back to the informational part of this post.


“When accidents happen, the experts at American Girl Doll Hospital are ready to help with everything from a thorough cleaning to “major surgery” for your girl’s doll. Doll doctors will make her as good as new and send her back to be loved for years to come.”

This is American Girl’s statement on their website, under the tab of  Doll Hospital on the footer.  There it describes to you the different services they can do. I will list them here.

1. Head Replacement $44

2. Body Replacement $44

3. Eye Replacement  $28

4. New Torso or Limbs $32

5. Reattachment of Head or Limbs $32

6. Wellness Visit $28

7. Ear piercing $16

8. Add Hearing Aid $14

For a wellness visit your doll will get a skin cleaning and hair brushing, as well as some goodies to take home. They are a hospital gown, a pair of socks, a hospital ID bracelet, a certificate of good health, and a get well card. Any major repairs will receive a complimentary wellness visit. You can download and print the admission form here.   It will normally take 2-3 weeks for your doll to return home, depending on how busy the hospital is at the time your doll arrives.

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