Minneapolis Comic-Con

This is the surprise I was talking about last night! I'm headed to Comic-Con Minneapolis Minnesota! If you didn't already know Comic-Con is put on by Wizard World in 28 locations around the US.       People come from all around to see stars from movies and TV, Artists, Cosplayers, and [...]

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A Geeky Girl’s Christmas List

Christmas ( And other holidays, for my national viewers. ) is nearly here! I'm very excited for the holiday season. So, to kick off my holiday posts, I have put together a list for the Geeky Girl ( Or Boy ) in you.

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My Favorite Geeky Things

Ok, so I know that I'm Crafty GEEK Girl. But lately I have mainly been focusing on RL posts. So I decided it's time to have more Geek oriented posts. This is a list of my favorite Geeky things, so you can get to know me a little better. Please comment and tell me your favorites!!! [...]

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