Minecraft Series 2 Iron Golem Figure

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This figure is soooo COOL!!! In my fort ( In Minecraft ) I have about 8 different golems at different stations. They are very good at guarding. Anyway, on to the review. This was made by Jazwares and Mojang. These toys are all very game accurate. There are little vines going up and down the golem. Just like in the game, they have red eyes. This set contains a golem, Iron Block, and a poppy for him to hold and give to villagers. This poppy fits into all of the figures hands just like the weapons. This set is available at some Walmarts, Target, and ToysRUS with other stores as well. I paid $9.99. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel, and follow me in all my media. Thanks for reading and Bye!!!



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