Minecraft Series 3 Alex Figure NEW!

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This is the NEW Series 3 Alex Figure! I just did a review on this new figure set. It is so freaking awesome!!! I love this set, it is so past time that girls get recognized for what we do. It’s not just boys that can play videogames. That’s another reason I LOVE this set. It contains the ALEX? figure, Slime block, Gold sword, and Bow. All the weapons will fit in all the figures hands. I purchased this one at Amazon.com for $14.99, but it is coming soon at ToysRUS. These toys are very good quality. They are made by Jazwares and Mojang. They are very game-accurate, down to the pixels. These toys are made out of a high-quality plastic. Please Subscribe, and don’t forget to follow me on all my media. Thanks for reading!



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