My Rainbow Loom Happy Food

///My Rainbow Loom Happy Food

You might have seen these RL tutorials before. But if not, these are small figurines of food, with a Smiley face! They generally take about an hour each, and anywhere from 80-500 bands! But they are worth it because they are absolutely ADORABLE! I have made several of these Happy Foods on my RL. They include Happy French Fries, Poptart, 3 peas in a pod, Fried chicken, and Cherries. I plan on making as many of these as I can, but there are only so many hours in a day. It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota, so I took my food out for a mini, happy photoshoot! Hope you enjoy!

IMGP5012 IMGP5032 IMGP4930 - Copy (2) IMGP4935 - Copy (2) IMGP4940 - Copy (2) IMGP4945 - Copy (2) IMGP4954 - Copy (2) IMGP4960 - Copy IMGP4966 - Copy IMGP4979 - Copy (2) IMGP4981 - Copy (2)

I used Ellen from feelinspiffy’s tutorials off of YouTube.

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    I love it

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