The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

//The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Every year in Minnesota, we have a gathering called the Minnesota Rennaisance Festival. It celebrates the Rennaisance Age, and people come from all around to experience it. They hold them in other states as well, including but not limited to Texas, New York, and Michigan. Minnesota holds one of the largest “Ren Fests”. At these Festivals, there are traveling acts, hands on activities, artisans, and booths of all kinds. For example, you can get hair wraps made of metal, buy a pair of fairy wings, and eat a mutton leg. Oh and don’t forget the live jousting match every day!

Every weekend has a different theme. Some of this year’s themes are Highland Fling, Christmas and Canines, Wine Chocolate and Romance, and Shamrocks and Shenanigans. Each theme weekend entails different activities, events, and entertainment. Certain events occur every day. The Feast of Fantasy is a six course meal and entertainment. In the Children’s Square make fairy wands and knight swords. Visit the Mermaid Cove and Fairy Wing Forest. Any child can be knighted by the king in the King’s Arbor daily. Or how about going to juggling school taught by a man who can only squeak like a rubber duck, not talk. Stop by the wishing well to toss in a coin or two. All the coins go to the Angel Foundation to help the families of children with cancer. Any young princess will enjoy having lunch with the Royal Princess Court and learn etiquette.

Everyone will enjoy something at the Minnesota Rennaisance Festival, I go every year, sometimes twice! It opens on August 22nd. If you get there early enough, you can hear the opening cannon. Yes, it is a real cannon 🙂 I always enjoy myself, but be sure to bring a camera. There are many memories you will want to catch and look back on someday. If you capture a really good shot, you can enter it in the photo contest.


Hope to see you there, Thanks for reading!

Here’s the link to the website:

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